FapTurbo Robot Review

Forex market overview and FapTurbo review

The Foreign Exchange Market – also known as FOREX – is a world wide market for buying and selling currencies, where most of the activity is from currency traders who use the market to generate profits from small movements.


It’s a market that’s open 24/7, enabling traders to act on news and events as they happen.

Trades can be done from anywhere on any Internet enabled device.
Leverage – loan extended for trading – is accessible to the individual investor.

High liquidity, meaning there will always be someone to buy or sell.
Of course I can keep on telling you how wonderful the Forex Market is, but there’s one turn off… and it is the fact that not everybody has enough time to do their usual tasks and keep track of the market or lack the skills to do it.

Well, you don’t have to worry, some guys with a vast knowledge of the Forex Market and programming came up with a solution to this problem:

It’s the most robust, profitable and easy to use software developed so far that automates trading tasks in the FOREX Market. But, what does this means?, It means you only have to download FAP Turbo, install it, configure it into your metatrader platform and watch the money roll in.

Don’t get agitated, the configuration isn’t hard at all, plus when you buy FAP Turbo you will be provided with several documentation and video tutorials to setup the program to fit your needs. You can customize it to improve its performance increasingly.

FAP Turbo, as the Forex Market, works 24/5. The thing is that you have to keep your PC on 24/5 too so you don’t miss any good trade. Mmm… wait, that can’t be right… that’s a lot of money spent just in electricity. Once again, you don’t have to worry at all, a forex hosting service can take care of this problem by providing a VPS (Virtual Private Server) where you can leave your robot working 24/7 just for a small fee. To order your virtual forex hosting, please visit: Forex Hosting Service

You must be asking yourself, what is the price of this program?

It’s just 149.99 USD$, 60 days refundable. It’s like having a demo of FAP Turbo for 60 days. So, if you get tired of using it or didn’t get the results expected, you can just return it and get your money back, no questions asked.

So, if your are the kind of people who:

1) Don’t have the time to make a great trade.
2) Want a software to trade Forex automatically.
3) Want to invest in Forex Market but don’t know how.
4) Want to start making money today, not 2 months from now.

Then, FAP Turbo is what you need.


Price: 149.99 USD$.

Buy and download FapTurbo from Forex Automated Robot

Remember to contact me after you buy the robot to get the settings I am using. Email me at mike@AmazingForexRobot.com

5 Responses to FapTurbo Robot Review

  1. Gruya says:

    I’ve noticed that I can either buy the Fap Turbo from their site or buy here on your site… What’s the difference? Also, When I buy it, do I have to register it somewhere or activate it?

    And, where I could get the updates on the configurations? I saw that you have FAP Turbo 37 and before you used to have FAP Turbo 36… What is the difference?

    I’m very new to Robots, as you can see…
    Thanks a lot….

  2. Mike Torres says:


    I think you contacted me directly via email and I responded to you directly. However for the sake of my readers, I wanted to respond to your post.

    With every new version, FapTurbo states that they have either improved the trading algorithm or criteria for entry and exits based on the current market conditions.

    What you can do is install various versions in the same demo and see which version produces the best for you depending on which broker you are using.

    You can use a 3rd party stats company like MT4i.com to track the results per magic number so you can see which versions and pairs are producing the best.

    For the latest version, visit http://BuyFapTurbo.com

    You can visit my website at http://WealthSecrets.com for more information and also contact me if you have any further questions.

    Hope this helps you.

    Remember if you are ever in the Miami area, we have a forex club that meets every first Wednesday of every month in West Miami/Kendall. Just call me at (305) 389-0170 and let me know if you want to come out and visit.

    Happy Trading.


  3. Patrick Coats says:

    Hi Mike, nice page it’s very informative. Like you I’m involved in the real estate industry. I currently own an appraisal office in Las Cruces, New Mexico and I have definitely seen better days. I have traded for a few years nothing really that big but I have always intended to start trading more and now is the perfect time. I have been researching the Forex robots and find the testimony very overwhelming and sometimes unbelievable. I understand forex trading but have never traded forex. I’m hoping you can help guide me in making the right decision. I have seen your videos on Youtube dealing with Fap Turbo and was wondering what robot you would recommend at the current time. Any insight would be greatly appreciated and any other software or settings I would need would be great. I had one last question and it’s about the Fap Turbo expert guide. Have you ever used it or is it a waste of money? I’m interested in making steady good gains in this type of investment and hope you might point me in the right directions. Thanks hope you have a good afternoon.
    Pat Coats

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    Si les interesa hablar se pueden poner en contacto.

    Un cordial saludo.

    Ivan Gonzalez, Analista financiero.